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Choice is good

Indus Ind gives you a choice. An that's good. by Unlisted Sightings

Indus Ind bank has made one small addition in the ATM process. Many a time for me, the ATM has spat out a single 1000 rupee note, and that is as good as having no money on you.

By building this one additional step, the ATM allows people the choice to choose denominations.

Good, or unnecessary additional step?

Dynamic rates. Dynamic offers.

Dynamic rates. Dynamic offers. by Unlisted Sightings

For a cut throat market where one rupee here and there could cost you a customer, handwritten slates are the best way to stay up to speed on the daily rates.

Multilevel security

Multiple level security. Thanks to Javed for the pic. by Unlisted Sightings

If you want to get inside, you need all four keys.

Noticed at a quaint building in Fort, Bombay, by Javed.

Pillow talk

With just a simple improvisation, your backseat snooze could be more comfortable.

(Picture by Amy, paymes on instagram)

Excuse me, Waiter.

Catching the attention of the waiter is much easier with this huge mirror by Unlisted Sightings

In the standard Udipi restaurants that do brisk business during lunch hours, getting attention of the waiter is a much practiced art.

A huge mirror on the wall at this Shiv Sagar in Bandra somehow resolves that issue, and much more. Sure, it makes the restaurant look bigger, but people are actually using it to make better eye contact with the waiter and catch his attention faster.

In this case, the mirror adds a sense of control to the entire dining experience, which then positively affects your perceptions of the service in the restaurant.

So, the next time you’re in Bandra, go here, and trust the mirror to get you fast, exemplary service.

Finding Left and Right

At some point in time, we have all been frustrated with earphones, and my biggest peeve has been the L, R mismatch. I loved a few earphones for their sound, but the irritation of looking for that faded L and R, just so I can wear them right has stayed with me.

I bought these cheap Philips earphones because they partly solved the problem. But then, came the trick of remembering if L was Blue or Red.

Red and Blue

And, when the L and R faded away with use, I was back to where I started.

A few months ago, I bought a pair of Sennheisers. Within a week of wearing it, I made a discovery!

Haptic differentiation of left and right earphones. Now you can find L and R in the dark. #sennheiser

With just a subtle structure change in L and R, this earphone incorporates a haptic differentiation. So now, I just have to run my finger along the edge of the earphone. If it tilts to the right, it goes into my right ear. If it tilts to the left, it goes into the left ear.

What better way to find L and R in the dark, you say?

(Apple earphone picture from Giovanni Erick’s flickr)

The silent channel

The silent channel by Unlisted Sightings

Via Flickr:
How can we design more engaging tv watching experiences in public, crowded and noisy places where inevitably, the television is always on mute.

Huge implications for content generation and advertising, even as you start thinking about it.

Thoughtless acts

Even as she laid breakfast on the table, my mother realized she had forgotten the coaster. So, what did she do?

Newspaper coaster.

Engineering Delight!

Once you get off the flight and trudge towards the baggage claim, the fight for carts starts. Either they are too far away from the belt, which doesn’t give you first dibs on the perfect spot, or else they are crammed away on the side making it difficult to separate two carts. And while you’re at it, the crowd swells up around the conveyor belt, leaving you behind.

Delhi Airport has created an interesting intervention to tackle this situation.

As you approach the conveyor belt, the carts are already stacked around it. No more insecurities of not finding a cart, or being left behind in the rush. Get there early and pick a cart. What better way to invoke the peak-end rule of designing experiences?

Lovely gesture, wouldn’t you agree?

(Thanks to Mayank, who was so delighted at Delhi Airport that he shared this picture on facebook)

Better pizza eating experiences

Hey, you pizzaholic. If you haven’t seen this yet, here’s a couple of interesting things happening around your pie that makes your pizza eating experience better.

Take for instance, this ;Winner of a much-deserved Red Dot Design Award, the Paper Dish. It takes the greaseproof sheet found between a pizza and a cardboard box, and turns it into a miniature paper plate. This ;clever design helps keep your fingers clean, while you gorge on the pizza; no napkins needed.

While we are on the topic, here’s something else that helps you eat the pizza and also store it for later. Behold the Greenbox. The top of the box breaks easily into four serving plates; the bottom of the box can then be repurposed into a storage device for the rest of your pizza.

GreenBox – Pizza Box – Product Promo from Green Box on Vimeo.

But, if you still feel the need to be messy, just wear a white shirt on which, you can clean your saucy fingers.

Photo from Gizmodo. h/t to @thinzzzy for the paper dish link

Hanging implements

Hanging implements by Unlisted Sightings

That ingenuous custom-designed hook allows the tea vendors to do brisk business when trains stop at the station.

Your stuff altered, in 40 minutes

A maximum 40 minute wait time by Unlisted Sightings

Simple telegraphic time notification takes the guesswork out of “How long will this alteration take?”

Kid-friendly adult environments

Raised platform for the kids by Unlisted Sightings

Instead of lowering the level of pots for the kids, this toilet allows them to be at the same level as adults. What is a better alternative, lowering or raising?

Customizing the pour to his workstation.

Customizing the pour to his workstation. by Unlisted Sightings

We are all designers.

Jazz hands

Jazz hands glass pane holders at Alterra, Milwaukee. by Unlisted Sightings

glass pane holders for the food counter

(Alterra, Milwaukee, WI, July 2011)

Dynamic feedback.

Just so I’m loud and clear

Just so I'm loud and clear by Unlisted Sightings

Why is this the preferred way to talk on a cellphone for some? Perceptually, more audible to the person on the other end?

Snip. Snip. Snip.

Coconut cutting. Newer, cleaner technique.

An ashtray:

An ashtray: by Unlisted Sightings

Classic observation lends itself to natural design

Rainiest town in the world needs two wipers

Rainiest town in the world needs two wipers by Unlisted Sightings

Cherrapunji, North East India

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