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What You Need. 1Love

1LOVE by Unlisted Sightings

Daily password for WiFi access.

@ Guru Hotel, Anjuna, Goa.

People see. People do.

People see. People do. by Unlisted Sightings

When there is little litter, fingers get pointed at the perpetrators. But when there is more, it is just a socially acceptable way of getting rid of your ATM receipts.

Dynamic rates. Dynamic offers.

Dynamic rates. Dynamic offers. by Unlisted Sightings

For a cut throat market where one rupee here and there could cost you a customer, handwritten slates are the best way to stay up to speed on the daily rates.

Protecting with symbolism.

Temple design #lordmurugan #kartikeya #spade by Unlisted Sightings

Lord Murugan’s weapon, the vel (spade) adorns the entry passage to his temple at Chedda Nagar, in Chembur, Mumbai.

A quick excerpt from Wikipedia says this about his weapons.

Kartikeya symbols are based on the weapons – Vel, the Divine Spear or Lance that He carries and His mount the peacock. He is sometimes depicted with many weapons including: a sword, a javelin, a mace, a discus and a bow although more usually he is depicted wielding a sakti or spear. This symbolizes His purification of human ills.

His javelin is used to symbolize His far-reaching protection, His discus symbolizes His knowledge of the truth, His mace represents His strength and His bow shows His ability to defeat all ills. His peacock mount symbolizes his destruction of the ego.

There’s also some interesting points about the controversy of Murugan being an Aryan or a Dravidian deity with respect to different Northern and Southern myths, if you’re keen to read it.

Reflective appeal

Topsy turvy times for the King. by Unlisted Sightings

personalization and customization to create stories and add to the reflective appeal of the cycle.

Fresh confusion

Fresh confusion. Always by Unlisted Sightings

How many air fresheners does it take to stink up a car?

This traffic light rocks!

This traffic light rocks! by Unlisted Sightings

Subversion art encountered outside the erstwhile CBGB on Bleecker and Bowery, New York.

(Bleecker and Bowery, New York, June 2007.)

Do Not Disturb.

Do Not Disturb. by Unlisted Sightings
Only in New York.

When everyone zigs, zag

When everyone zigs, zag by Unlisted Sightings

It was refreshing to see this sign at a street vendor’s stall in Union Square. Something as simple as this does so much to disarm the customers and invite them to engage with the product. Well played, rug seller. Well played.

(Union Square, New York; Sept 2007)

Illusory protection against unforeseen calamities.


This deadly combination of lime and chilly is enough to ward off any evil coming your way, at least in India.

Happy days are here again

Happy days are here again by Unlisted Sightings

Summertime in New York takes a whole new meaning in itself.

This picture captures the light heartedness, the fun and playfulness you see in abundance at that time of the year.

(At Spring St and Broadway, SoHo, New York, NY)

Three boys.

Three boys. by Unlisted Sightings

perceptually hotter samosas

perceptually hotter samosas by Unlisted Sightings

kept inside a microwave oven that doesn’t work.

Connecting people, everywhere

Nokia art by Unlisted Sightings

Nokia art in Varanasi.

Ganesh gives good bhoni

Ganesh gives good bhoni by Unlisted Sightings

"Bhavani/Bhoni" meaning, starting the day’s business on an auspicious note. The first customer of the day is the most auspicious.

An ashtray:

An ashtray: by Unlisted Sightings

Classic observation lends itself to natural design

New car reassurance checklist

New car reassurance checklist by Unlisted Sightings

Different ties.

Different ties. by Unlisted Sightings

fashion sightings aboard the Mumbai local.

(picture courtesy: Theresa)

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