Engineering Delight!

by Satish Krishnamurthy

Once you get off the flight and trudge towards the baggage claim, the fight for carts starts. Either they are too far away from the belt, which doesn’t give you first dibs on the perfect spot, or else they are crammed away on the side making it difficult to separate two carts. And while you’re at it, the crowd swells up around the conveyor belt, leaving you behind.

Delhi Airport has created an interesting intervention to tackle this situation.

As you approach the conveyor belt, the carts are already stacked around it. No more insecurities of not finding a cart, or being left behind in the rush. Get there early and pick a cart. What better way to invoke the peak-end rule of designing experiences?

Lovely gesture, wouldn’t you agree?

(Thanks to Mayank, who was so delighted at Delhi Airport that he shared this picture on facebook)