Better pizza eating experiences

by Satish Krishnamurthy

Hey, you pizzaholic. If you haven’t seen this yet, here’s a couple of interesting things happening around your pie that makes your pizza eating experience better.

Take for instance, this ;Winner of a much-deserved Red Dot Design Award, the Paper Dish. It takes the greaseproof sheet found between a pizza and a cardboard box, and turns it into a miniature paper plate. This ;clever design helps keep your fingers clean, while you gorge on the pizza; no napkins needed.

While we are on the topic, here’s something else that helps you eat the pizza and also store it for later. Behold the Greenbox. The top of the box breaks easily into four serving plates; the bottom of the box can then be repurposed into a storage device for the rest of your pizza.

GreenBox – Pizza Box – Product Promo from Green Box on Vimeo.

But, if you still feel the need to be messy, just wear a white shirt on which, you can clean your saucy fingers.

Photo from Gizmodo. h/t to @thinzzzy for the paper dish link