Anatomy of a Bombay bus ticket

Do you remember the time when the BEST bus tickets would look like this?

Anatomy of a Bombay bus ticket by Unlisted Sightings

(Click on the image for a detail on the ticket codes)

It used to be lot of fun in an earlier life. When we were little, we would add up all the numbers on the top and align them to the alphabet to see who might be thinking about us at that instant. In this ticket, the numbers on the top 523-358281 add up to 37, that’s K in the alphabet. Which would mean, that a person whose name starts with K was thinking about me. Funnily enough, whether that person was thinking of you or not, you thought about them.

Today, it’s a different story.

Death of the BEST ticket

Technology has taken out the entire romance, and has opted for convenience. Now, it’s a machine that gives you the ticket. Even the metallic clink of the conductor’s puncher that we would listen all the time is missing. Many more conductors now have those little handheld evil machines that print out these characterless tickets.

Oh, the good ole’ days.