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Fresh confusion

Fresh confusion. Always by Unlisted Sightings

How many air fresheners does it take to stink up a car?

Hello. I am the Mumbai train culture.

The train came to a halt at Borivali, its last stop, and my destination.

Even before I could get out, people just thronged into the compartment, and soon enough, I was sandwiched between bodies. Tightly packed like sardines, my efforts to get off at Borivali were futile.

And then, the train left for Kandivali on its return journey to Churchgate, with me still stuck inside…

Just another day in Mumbai.

(Borivali Station, October 2008)

This traffic light rocks!

This traffic light rocks! by Unlisted Sightings

Subversion art encountered outside the erstwhile CBGB on Bleecker and Bowery, New York.

(Bleecker and Bowery, New York, June 2007.)

Bombay monsoons. Fun for some.

Dancing in the rain by Unlisted Sightings

You have to love the rains in Bombay, to love Bombay.

Quite a few more pictures of Bombay monsoons here.

(Lower Parel, July 2008)

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