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Hello there, Kitty

Hello there, Kitty. by Unlisted Sightings

From chic to commonplace, Hello Kitty has seen it all.

(Varanasi, India, June 2010)

Smoke break.

Smoke break. by Unlisted Sightings

Every week day, hundreds descend in this little nook in Polo Road, Shillong, and bet on archery. The idea is to bet on the total number of arrows that will be shot by the archers. The last two digits are up for grabs. And they typically pay 1:80 Rupees.

When we went, all these archers shot a total of 924 arrows into the target. Some went home rich, some poorer. Nevertheless, everyone comes back again the next day to start things all over.

More pictures here

Window Washers, Mumbai

There's no fear of traffic up here, so blast the music! by Unlisted Sightings

With window washing still a new concept, the only way to clean windows in new tall buildings is through jugaad (improvisation).

With just basic harnessing, this window washer cleans 11 floors.

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